Skin Bliss Services: Customized Facial Treatments

You feel your best when your face looks its best.  Let Marissa pamper your skin so you can face the world with confidence!


Offering the following customized facial treatments:


Now offering Eminence Organic Treatments: Blueberry Detox, Stimulating Lime, Yam and Pumpkin Peel, Pineapple Peel, Eight Greens, Clear Skin, Calm Skin, Bright Skin and Firm Skin Products- Decadent fruit and herbal pulps formulated to stimulate, clairify and balance. Safe for pregnancy and rosacea.


Signature Deep Cleansing - This stimulating treatment clarifies and softens skin while smoothing surface texture and balancing oil.  Includes gentle removal of impactions and impurities if necessary.

Pumpkin Refresher Anti-Aging - This active enzyme treatment reduces surface build-up, while nourishing the skin with anti-oxidants and hydration, leaving it smooth and glowing.  Ideal for tired and aging skin.


Maui Paradise Anti-Aging - The smell of tropical paradise fills the room as this treatment purifies and soothes the skin. A potent blend of alpha-hydroxies and bromaline enzymes leave the skin smooth and radiant.  Ideal for most skin types.


Skin Brightening Treatment - A potent and stimulating treatment to lift surface pigmentation and suppress melanin, while revealing bright and healthy skin.  A series of treatments is needed for optimum pigment reduction.

Rosacea Treatment - This soothing treatment gently exfoliates the skin while calming irritation and redness.  Potent ingredients inhibit inflammation while strengthening healthy tissue.


Clear Complexion Facial - This balancing treatment effectively targets problematic skin by removing dead cells and dissolving surface oil. This treatment repairs breakouts and results in healthier and clearer skin. 



Eminence Organic Facial - These heavenly stimulating treaments will ease stressed facial muscles while increasing circulation and providing oxygen to the surface skin. Relax the soul with enticing fruit enzymes and the latest in clarifying masques, boosted toniques, and antioxidant rich serums to perk up your skin. (Perfect for Pregnancy)


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